Impact Sharad Ananda

Every year Impact organises an event named Impact Sharad Ananda,during the Durga Puja,where numerous puja committees participates from every corners of West Bengal.This is one of the most prestigious event that Impact organises,and is judged by eminent personalities from various fields. A panel of judges visits the pandals and judge them on the basis of the safety measures they undertook along with the aesthetic beauty. The puja committees who have performed well in every aspects are being awarded every year.

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A glimpse of a precious memory. The Honourable ex President of India, Late Pranab Mukherjee joined us for the event of Impact Sharad Ananda Puja Safety Awards. We can not forget those precious moments, when he came and made the evening golden and memorable; and blessed us for our future. We still feel that blessings from people like him has made us, this successful.

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