Winners 2023 :

HTML marquee Tag Impact Sharad Ananda Winner Announcement : Winner of Impact Sharad Ananda 2023 is Tala Prattay. *** 1st Runners Up of Impact Sharad Ananda 2023 is Vivekananda Sporting Club. *** 2nd Runners Up of Impact Sharad Ananda 2023 is Haridevpur Adarsha Samity. *** 3rd Runners Up of Impact Sharad Ananda 2023 is Rajdanga Nabauday Sangha. *** Best Theme goes to Arjunpur Amra Sobai. *** Best Pandal goes to Ultadanga Bidhan Sangha. *** Best Idol goes to Hindustan Park Sarbojanin. *** Best Volunteering goes to Palli Unnayan Samity. ***

A golden moment for Impact Sharad Ananda

Avijit Nandi Majumdar ( President of Impact) with the then President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee . Shri Pranab Mukherjee was the chief guest of Impact Sharad Ananda in the year 2000.

From President's Desk

We started our journey with the slogan, Together we can. After road rolling for more than two decades, as we sat to discuss and debate our future preparations; one cannot hide the nostalgic feelings on everyone’s faces. After all, me, Santanu, Tunka, Joyprakash, Tanmay , to name a few have all travelled through time, braved adverse conditions, and kept our spirits high to keep our commitment to the society.

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