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We started our journey with the slogan, Together we can.
After road rolling for more than two decades, as we sat to discuss and debate our
future preparations; one cannot hide the nostalgic feelings on everyone’s
faces. After all, me, Santanu, Tunka, Joyprakash, Tanmay , to name a few have
all travelled through time, braved adverse conditions, and kept our spirits
high to keep our commitment to the society. We started with the slogan, Yes, we
can. Today, I can proudly say, yes, we did.

Our close school friend died of drug addiction. He became
an addict right after passing out from school and ultimately succumbed. The
incident shook us and we declared a war against drugs. As we went down the
memory lane, we remember those days were hard and tough. We spent our pocket
money, travelled in buses and taxis to organize Anti Drug awareness programmes
in schools, colleges, slums, Medical camps in backward areas. We are fortunate
to have had several eminent doctors of Kolkata and even abroad attending
Medical camps. We are extremely happy to share with our well wishers that the
world’s biggest body against drugs, WFAD have incorporated IMPACT, in the
international body. It’s a great achievement and acknowledgement of our hard
work and dedicated war against drugs. WFAD is affiliated with Unite Nations. We
say with pride that Impact has been able to spread wings internationally in few
European and South Asian countries. If we started our journey with war against
drugs, we were also determined to stop incidence of Fire during our favourite
Durga Puja festival in Kolkata. We lacked resources, but with grit and
determination we took upon the herculean task of generating awareness among
Puja organizers about the need to adopt Fire safety norms. We started from
scratch and I am proud to share that Impact Sharad Ananda has completed 25
years and there has not been a single incident of fire during Durga Puja over
the last few years. Dignitaries from all over the world, diplomats,
ambassadors, politicians, and Ministers from foreign countries have blessed us
with their visit to our programme. Despite acute fund crisis, and in this
pandemic situation Impact Sharad Ananda 2021 have crossed major milestones.