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Letters of Appreciation

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Dr. Bharat Lal Meena (IPS , Commissioner of Police , Siliguri Police Commissionerate) [08-08-2018]

Anil Kumar Jha (Chairman cum Managing Director) 

A. N. Mahapatra (Inspector General) [11-10-2018]

Anil Kumar (IPS, Director General & Inspector General of Police) [17-09-2015]

Fr. Benny Thomas SJ (Principal , ST. Xavier’s Collegiate School) [10-10-2018]

Rainer Schmiedchen (Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany) [07-08-2013]

Shri. D. P. Tarenia (IPS , Director General , West Bengal Fire & Emergency Services) [29-04-2014]

Masayuki Taga (Consul General of Japan) [01-10-2018]

Shri M.K. Singh (IPS, Additional Director-General of Police) [20-09-2016]

Mamata Banerjee (Chief Minister , West Bengal) [29-03-2012]

Shri. Napaarjit Mukherjee (IPS , Director General & Inspector General of Police) [26-08-2013]

M.K. Singh (IPS , Addl. Director General of Police , Railways , West Bengal) 

Narayan Chandra Chanda (Ministry of Fisheries & Livestock , Bangladesh)

P.K. Dash (Director General of Election Commission of India) [08-04-2015]

R. Warjri (Minister , Government of Meghalaya) [18-06-2015]

Roshni Sen (Secretary , Department of Women Devlopment & Social Welfare) [15-10-2015]

S. Parbat (Sr. Private Secretary of Ministry of Communications & IT) [20-04-2015]

S. Sasikumar (IFS , Conservator of Forests, Wildlife) [05-10-2018]

Tarana Halim (Ministry of Information , Bangladesh) 

Toufique Hasan (Deputy High Commission , Bangladesh)

Dilip Kumar Srivastava (Zonal Director , NCB , KZU , Kolkata) [18-06-2018]

G.C.Agarwal (General Manager Eastern Railway) [30-08-2013]

Javed Ahamed Khan (Departments of Fire & Emergency Services) [2014]

Shri. D.P. Tarenia (IPS , Director General of Fire & Emergency Services , West Bengal) [22.08.2013]

Surajit Kar Purkayastha (IPS , Commissioner of Police) [25-09-2013]