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Boston Bangla Centre

Message from Suhas Barua

Greetings from Boston Bangla Center, a non-profit organization, focuses on providing services to immigrant communities that have migrated to the United States and have been living in the greater Boston area in Massachusetts. One of our most important missions is to promote social harmony, create cultural understanding and friendships amongst the diverse ethnic communities in the United States as well as other countries.  We believe that the whole world is ONE WORLD living under an endless sky, reflecting many ethnicities, races, genders, languages and faiths. Boston Bangla Center and its partner, Impact of Kolkata; have collaborated for internationally Raising awareness on human rights, Fighting against poverty, Building democratic societies, Preventing crisis, enabling recovery, Protecting the environment, Halting & reversing HIV/AIDS, Empowering women and Promoting coexistence. I am sure that many people share our concern about the present worldwide irrational behavior and  Financial Crisis—caused by Greed, Moral Meltdown and Public Policy Disasters and will join in our appeal to all humanitarians and religious practitioners who also share this concern to help make our societies more compassionate, just, and equitable. We believe each individual has a universal responsibility to shape institutions to serve human needs. As a dynamic and empowered partner, it has been a wonderful opportunity working with Impact leader Mr. Avijit Nandi Majumder and his team in actualizing all the noble goals that are known for.

 As a growing community in Boston with common language, culture and ethnicity, the Bengali immigrant communities from Bangladesh and West Bengal of India enjoy borderless equality enhance common vision and projected  as one world citizen.

We also emphasize Mother Language Movement which was recognized by UNISEF on 2001 with a view to Immortalize the value of human instinct, mundane and prospect of life.

 I appreciate and greet to the Impact president Mr. Avijit N. Majumder for giving us opportunity to be a working partner of Impact.  Thank you.

Suhas Barua

Boston Bangla Center
99 Sydney St., Boston, MA 02125, USA






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